About the artist

Through her body of work, Linda Morin reveals a fascinating world where art, fantasy and discovery intersect. By combining three artistic movements, automatism, impressionism and expressionism, she has become specialized in fully exploiting the plastic effects of the medium, most importantly acrylic, in order to achieve multiple reliefs and textures in her compositions.

The meaning of each of her works is provided by the format, the lines of force and the repetitiveness of the gesture. The subjects become secondary as they are replaced by the symbolism of the whole project that encourages introspection. The abstract and the real both meet in her work. They illustrate the coexistence between the concrete object that meets the eye and the lyrical poetry that the brain assimilates. Research and creation allows her to push her artistic discourse further which in turn allows her to understand how to stimulate reflection on the personal and social issues of our era.

Throughout her career, Linda Morin has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions in various art centres and museums in Canada and internationally. She has received numerous awards, grants and honourable mentions. Her works have been acquired by a number of public and private collections.